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Embed You­Tube Iframe with React Nat­ive | Simple Code Tutorial

11 May 2023

Are you stuck with your React Nat­ive You­Tube IFrame Embed­ding Process?

As video con­tent con­tin­ues to grow in pop­ular­ity,  embed­ding You­Tube videos dur­ing your React Nat­ive app devel­op­ment can sig­ni­fic­antly enhance your You­Tube users’ experience. 

The pro­cess may look com­plex, but it is easy to fol­low. In this tutori­al, weʼll walk through the steps of embed­ding a You­Tube iframe in a React Nat­ive app using a simple code example.

So with fur­ther ado, letʼs start.

Pre­requis­ite For React Nat­ive You­Tube iframe

Before you start embed­ding You­Tube videos into your React Nat­ive app, there are a few setups you need to complete. 

1. Node.js and npm: These two pack­ages must be installed on your com­puter to build a React Nat­ive app. You can down­load it from the offi­cial Node.js site.

2. React Nat­ive CLI: CLI is a com­mand line tool for cre­at­ing a React Nat­ive app. To install React Nat­ive CLI, run this com­mand on your terminal.

react CLI

3. Android Stu­dio or Xcode: Depend­ing on your devel­op­ing plat­form, you will need one of these emu­lat­ors. They are required if you want to run your code on pc. Down­load them from the offi­cial Android Stu­dio and Xcode websites.

4. A You­Tube API key: To util­ize the react-nat­ive-you­tube pack­age and embed your You­Tube videos in your app, youʼll require a You­Tube API key. To get one, simply fol­low the pro­ced­ures on the Google Developers website.

Once youʼve com­pleted these steps, you can start React Nat­ive You­Tube embed pro­cess into your Nat­ive app.

Cre­at­ing App in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Installing And Import­ing Library

To get star­ted, you must install the neces­sary depend­en­cies. In your ter­min­al, run the fol­low­ing com­mand to install the react-nat­ive-you­tube library:

Once youʼve installed the react-nat­ive-you­tube pack­age, you can import it into your app by adding the fol­low­ing code at the top of your App.js file:


Step 2: Cre­at­ing Video Play­er Component

After import­ing, weʼll cre­ate a new com­pon­ent called Video­Play­er that will dis­play the You­Tube iframe. Hereʼs what the code for that com­pon­ent looks like:

Creating Video Player Component

Code Explan­a­tion:

In this part of the code, weʼve impor­ted the View and StyleSheet com­pon­ents from React Nat­ive and the You­Tube com­pon­ent from react-nat­ive-you­tube. Weʼve then defined a func­tion­al com­pon­ent called Video­Play­er that returns a View com­pon­ent con­tain­ing the You­Tube component.

The You­Tube com­pon­ent takes a few prop­er­ties to con­trol its beha­viour. Here are the prop­er­ties weʼve used in this example:

  • videoId: The You­Tube video ID you want to embed. You can find this ID in the URL of the video on YouTube.
  • play: A boolean value that con­trols wheth­er the video should play auto­mat­ic­ally when the com­pon­ent mounts.
  • full­screen: A boolean value that will con­trol your React Nat­ive You­Tuber IFrame full­screen mode.
  • loop: A boolean value that con­trols wheth­er the video should loop continuously.
  • apiKey: Your You­Tube API key. You can get an API key by fol­low­ing the instruc­tions on the Google Developers website.
  • style: A style object that defines the height and width of the You­Tube component.

Step 3: Embed­ding Video Com­pon­ent Into App

Now that weʼve cre­ated our Video­Play­er com­pon­ent, we can use it in our app. Hereʼs an example of how you might use it in your App.js file:

Embedding Video Component Into App

Code Explan­a­tion:

Finally, after import­ing Video­Play­er com­pon­ent we’ve added it to our App com­pon­ent, also added some styles to the con­tain­er view to centre the video in the middle of the screen. You can change style com­pon­ent accord­ing to your preference.

And thatʼs it! You should now be able to see the You­Tube video embed­ded in your React Nat­ive app.

Note: Itʼs import­ant to note that if the You­Tuber IFrame API not work­ing, you might get some errors as the react-nat­ive-you­tube pack­age relies on the You­Tube API. There­fore, youʼll need a You­Tube API key to use this pack­age. You can get an API key by fol­low­ing the instruc­tions on the Google Developers website. 

React Nat­ive You­Tube Iframe Example

Below, we have showed the React Nat­ive You­Tube Iframe Example to help you under­stand how You­Tube iframe looks when embed­ded. You can also use React Nat­ive You­Tube iframe full­screen to dis­play full screen video. 

React Native YouTube Iframe Example


Lim­it­a­tions to con­sider when embed­ding You­Tube videos in React Nat­ive app

You may encounter lim­it­a­tions when embed­ding You­Tube videos in your React Nat­ive app. For example, some browsers can­not play You­Tube videos auto­mat­ic­ally, and users may have to inter­act with the video before it can start play­ing manu­ally. Also, remem­ber that some coun­tries may have restric­tions on You­Tube con­tent, so ensur­ing that your app com­plies with loc­al laws and reg­u­la­tions is essential.

In Con­clu­sion

Embed­ding You­Tube videos in your React Nat­ive app can sig­ni­fic­antly enhance your user­ʼs exper­i­ence and provide them with enga­ging video con­tent. With the react-nat­ive-you­tube pack­age and a bit of code, you can eas­ily embed You­Tube videos in your app and take advant­age of the power of video content.

If you need help with React, con­tact React Nat­ive App Devel­op­ment com­pany today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I embed any YouTube video in my React Native app?

In general, you can embed any YouTube video that is publicly available and does not violate YouTube's terms of service. However, some countries may restrict YouTube content, so ensuring your app complies with local laws and regulations is crucial.

2. Is there a limit to the React Native YouTube embed function?

There is no React Native YouTube embed limit to your app as long as you have a valid YouTube API key and the videos are publicly available.

3. Why is YouTube iframe API not working?

You may get the "YouTube iframe API not working" errors for several reasons. Since every issue differs, we suggest going through Stack Overflow to check for answers.

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