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What are the bene­fits of hir­ing a React Nat­ive developer?

15 Dec 2022

React Nat­ive has become the first choice of developers for devel­op­ing nat­ive-like apps that take way less time to cre­ate and are more cost-effective. 

Suc­cess­ful busi­nesses such as Face­book, Ins­tagram, Shopi­fy, Skype, Tableau, and Pin­terest are cre­ated using React Native. 

With many com­pan­ies using React Nat­ive, demand for RN developers is also increas­ing daily. If you’re still not con­vinced about hir­ing React Nat­ive developers for your next pro­ject, read this art­icle, and Before change your opin­ion. Here we discuss 

  1. 9 Bene­fits of hir­ing a React Nat­ive developer 
  2. What should one look for when hir­ing a React developer?
  3. How Much Should You Pay To React Nat­ive Developers?
  4. How Hir­ing React Nat­ive Developers From WEDOWEBAPPS LTD Can Help? 

And we fin­ish the art­icle by answer­ing a few fre­quently asked ques­tions about hir­ing a React Nat­ive developer. Let’s start. 

9 Bene­fits of hir­ing a React Nat­ive developer 

React Nat­ive quickly replaced the nat­ive forms of cre­at­ing apps, as it sup­ports cross-app devel­op­ment on iOS and Android. Apart from this, hir­ing a React Nat­ive developer has many oth­er bene­fits. We have enu­mer­ated some for you to read. 

  • Cost-effi­cient 

Without React Nat­ive, there will be two teams sep­ar­ately work­ing on devel­op­ing the app: one for Android and the oth­er for iOS. React Nat­ive requires only one team of RN developers, from design to devel­op­ment, cut­ting costs in half. 

  • Qual­ity services 

Pri­or to the launch of React Nat­ive, developers used to believe that apps made in their nat­ive forms were the best. The React Nat­ive frame­work changed this per­cep­tion fast. Apps pro­duced through RN provide bet­ter per­form­ance and high­er memory usage. 

Many busi­nesses get con­fused about wheth­er they should hire a freel­ance React Nat­ive developer, an intern, or a pro­fes­sion­al RN developer from an agency. Our sug­ges­tion would be to go with the third option. 

Why? They are pro­fes­sion­als who have worked in the field for years to be bet­ter equipped and more respons­ible than an intern or freelancer. 

  • Third-party plu­gins 

Third-party plu­gins provide great­er flex­ib­il­ity and cus­tom­isa­tion to the app, and RN developers can include any of those. A third-party plu­gin lib­rary is also avail­able, which saves a lot of time for developers. 

  • Easy cod­ing 

Cer­tain apps have com­plex cod­ing, so they have a high­er chance of errors. How­ever, React Nat­ive developers use JavaS­cript for their frame­work, which is widely used for cod­ing by many developers. This makes it easy to find a good RN developer because there are so many of them. The large RN user com­munity is also very help­ful in provid­ing sup­port and train­ing materials. 

  • Time-sav­ing

Interns would make two dif­fer­ent apps for Android and iOS, but an RN developer would reuse the code of the Android ver­sion to make the iOS ver­sion of the same app. 

This way, RN developers will save a lot of time while provid­ing qual­ity work, as 90 per­cent of the code is reusable.

6. Flex­ible architecture 

If one developer aban­dons the pro­ject in the middle, anoth­er can pick up where they left off. This proves the flex­ible archi­tec­ture of the RN framework. 

An app is nev­er fin­ished and always has room for improve­ment. With the right RN developers, adding updates and sug­ges­tions and fix­ing bugs (if any are found) in the app is easy. 

React Nat­ive has a fea­ture called Code Push, which helps push out these updates eas­ily. If an app is built through React Nat­ive, then a user wonʼt have to update the entire app. Without launch­ing the app, the updates can be installed through the cloud with no hassle. 

7. Real-time feedback 

React Nat­ive developers can see the changes made in the code live. This prac­tice helps them give real-time feed­back, which fur­ther helps in mak­ing the pro­cess of app devel­op­ment easy. 

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8. Bet­ter user interface 

The user inter­face is the most basic part of any app. It decides if an app is going to be a hit or a miss. Users should find it easy to nav­ig­ate through the app, and React Nat­ive developers help busi­nesses do that. 

9. SEO-friendly 

Apps developed by RN developers have a fast load­ing time, and that’s what makes these apps reach more and more users. The appʼs increased traffic and improved SEO rank­ings make it SEO friendly. 

What should one look for when hir­ing a React developer? 

If you don’t come from a tech­nic­al back­ground, then judging the com­pet­ency of the RN developer can be tricky for you. We have lis­ted the skills that RN developers are expec­ted to have based on their level of seni­or­ity. also, read more about Why is React Nat­ive the future of mobile app devel­op­ment?

Tech­nic­al Abil­it­ies To Judge React Nat­ive Developers Based On Seni­or­ity Levels 

Juni­or React Developer

Mid-Level React Developer

Seni­or React Developer

Know­ledge about the React Nat­ive framework  Cre­at­ing and integ­rat­ing mobile features  Famili­ar­ity with Nat­ive lan­guages like Object­ive C, Swift, and Kotlin
JavaS­criptʼs com­pet­ency level up to JS6  Famili­ar­ity with dif­fer­ent data­bases and data caching  Abil­ity to integ­rate lib­rar­ies when needed 
Know how of Redux  Know­ledge of sign-up flow and applic­a­tion deployment  Abil­ity to con­tinu­ously integ­rate and deliv­er on time 
Debug­ging, test­ing, and com­pil­ing skills  Know­ledge of third-party integ­ra­tion ser­vices like Google, PayP­al, and Gmail  Find­ing and upskilling talent 
Know­ledge of nav­ig­a­tion skills 

What ques­tions should one ask while screen­ing for the best React Nat­ive developers? 

Ask­ing ques­tions becomes an import­ant task while inter­view­ing the RN developer for your next pro­ject. Here, we have sug­ges­ted a few ques­tions that you can ask to check your con­fid­ence level and skills. 

Ques­tion 1. How com­pet­ent are you in JavaS­cript? 

Answer: A skilled React Nat­ive developer will have a JS6 or high­er level in JavaScript. 

Ques­tion 2. Are you famil­i­ar with tech­no­lo­gies like redux, mobX, bower, gulp, enzyme, and the hockey app? 

Answer: A React Nat­ive developer must be famil­i­ar with these tech­no­lo­gies, as they are sig­ni­fic­ant in the app devel­op­ment process. 

Redux and MobX are state man­age­ment lib­rar­ies that provide the smooth run­ning of apps. The rest of the tools like enzyme, hock­eyap­per, and gulp make for full-stack development. 

Ques­tion 3. What soft skills do you have?

Answer: Only hard skills don’t make for a per­fect React Nat­ive developer, but soft skills are also needed, such as

  • Time man­age­ment
  • Com­mu­nic­a­tion 
  • Team­work 

How Much Should You Pay To React Nat­ive Developers?

To give you a rough idea, the ser­vices of a React Nat­ive developer can cost you some­where between $18 and $150.

Why such a huge brack­et? Well, because the cost of hir­ing React Nat­ive developers is not con­stant and depends on factors such as

  1. The com­plex­ity of the app 
  2. The design of the app 
  3. The geo­graph­ic­al loc­a­tion of a developer 
  4. The exper­i­ence of the developer 

How Hir­ing React Nat­ive Developers From WEDOWEBAPPS LTD Can Help? 

There’s no doubt that there are many agen­cies provid­ing React Nat­ive app devel­op­ment, but what makes WEDOWEBAPPS LTD so dif­fer­ent? Read on to find out what makes WEDOWEBAPPS LTD unique. 

  • Exper­i­ence 

WEDOWEBAPPS LTD has been help­ing end­less cli­ents make React Nat­ive apps for over a dec­ade now. 

  • Free Con­sulta­tion call 

Who dis­likes free stuff? Unlike oth­er agen­cies, WEDOWEBAPPS LTD does not charge you for listen­ing to your prob­lems and walk­ing you through the solution. 

  • Cli­ent reten­tion ratio

Who can tell you more about a busi­ness than their pre­vi­ous and exist­ing cus­tom­ers? WEDOWEBAPPS LTD have a cli­ent reten­tion rate of 97%. 

  • Team strength 

They have a team of 60 spe­cial­ised in their domain. 

  • Pro­jects completed 

WEDOWEBAPPS LTD have over 700 com­pleted pro­jects in its portfolio. 

  • Ready-to-use solu­tion 

If you’re in a hurry, then WEDOWEBAPPS LTD has a list of ready-to-use solutions: 

  • Taxi book­ing application 
  • Online food order­ing app development 
  • Sports and Fit­ness application 
  • Video stream­ing application 

With a set-in-place work pro­cess, they cre­ated the biggest plat­form for the Afric­an enter­tain­ment industry. They are recog­nized as the top-rated mobile app devel­op­ment com­pany by Clutch,, App Futura, and sev­er­al oth­er sig­ni­fic­ant sites. 

Hire a ded­ic­ated team for your sub­sequent React Nat­ive app devel­op­ment with WEDOWEBAPPS LTD with­in your budget, as they under­stand your needs and expect­a­tions the best. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of React Native for app development?

Developers have forgotten the apps created through native forms as React Native framework provides the benefits such as 

  1. Easy Coding
  2. Cross-app development for iOS and Android
  3. The wide availability of React Native library and community 
  4. Better user interface 
  5. Real-time feedback 
  6. Cost-effective 
  7. Flexible architecture 
  8. Time-saving 
2. How much does it cost to hire a dedicated React Native developer?

There is no fixed price for hiring a dedicated RN developer. Nonetheless, it depends on factors such as the app's complexity, design geographical location, and developer experience. However, React Native App Development can lie between $18 and $150. Indian developers are more economical than developers from Australia and North America. 

3. How to hire the best React Native developer?

With the availability of so many developers in the market, one might get confused while hiring a good React Native developer. WEDOWEBAPPS LTD is a renowned name in the market for over a decade for React Native App Development.

4. What are the advantages of hiring a React Native developer for mobile app development?

React Native developers have a distinct advantage when it comes to mobile app development as they have the knowledge and expertise to create apps that can be used on both iOS and Android platforms. This not only saves time and effort, but it also reduces costs associated with developing two separate native apps. Additionally, React Native is known for its efficiency, speed, and reliability, which means the apps created by React Native developers are more likely to perform well and have a smoother user experience. Finally, React Native is an open-source platform, which means it has a large community of developers constantly working to improve and innovate upon the platform, providing even more advantages to those who choose to use it for mobile app development.

5. What are the skills and expertise required for React Native development?

To become a proficient React Native developer, one must have a strong foundation in JavaScript, ReactJS, and familiarity with JSX syntax. Understanding NodeJS, web pack, and Git is also beneficial. Additionally, a good grasp of mobile development principles, including state management, component layout, navigation, and persistence is critical. Experience with API integration, both RESTful and GraphQL, is an advantage, and familiarity with tools such as Xcode for iOS and Android Studio for Android will facilitate debugging and testing. Finally, communication and collaborative skills are essential for working in a team environment. Overall, a React Native developer should have a combination of front-end, back-end, mobile design, and programming skills.

6. How does hiring React Native developers save time and cost in app development?

Hiring React Native developers can save both time and money in app development in a number of ways. Firstly, React Native allows developers to create cross-platform apps that work seamlessly across iOS and Android devices, cutting development time in half. Secondly, the use of pre-built elements and libraries can significantly speed up the development process, reducing costs associated with hiring additional resources. Finally, React Native developers are typically highly skilled, and their expertise can lead to faster and more efficient development, reducing overall costs and time spent on the project.

7. How can businesses find and hire skilled React Native developers for their projects?

One approach is to post job listings on websites specifically geared towards hiring tech professionals, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor. Another option is to attend developer conferences and networking events to connect with potential hires in person. Additionally, consider partnering with a staffing agency that specializes in tech talent to help source and vet qualified candidates. Be sure to thoroughly review resumes and portfolios, conduct comprehensive interviews, and provide clear job descriptions and expectations to ensure you find the right fit for your business's specific needs.

8. How do React Native developers ensure app security and data privacy?

React Native developers ensure app security and data privacy by implementing best practices like encryption, secure login and password protection, and utilizing third-party security tools. They also adhere to platform-specific guidelines for app security and leverage tools like AWS Cognito or Firebase Authentication for secure user authentication. React Native developers also frequently conduct security audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing to identify potential security risks and address them proactively. Additionally, they stay up-to-date on the latest security trends and work closely with the app's stakeholders to ensure that all data is properly protected.

9. How does the demand for React Native developers impact the future of mobile app development?

The demand for React Native developers signals a shift towards creating mobile apps that are more efficient, cost-effective and scalable. React Native being an open-source framework has been able to appeal to developers and businesses alike, who are looking for a single codebase that can create apps for both iOS and Android.
The future for mobile app development seems bright with the emergence of such frameworks, which can quickly deliver projects that work across multiple platforms, ensure better user experience and lower costs. With more and more businesses and developers exploring React Native for their apps, it’s safe to say that it'll be a big player in the app development arena for years to come.

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