React Nat­ive Upgrade Help­er: Stream­line Your App Upgrades with Ease

18 May 2023

Tech­no­logy is evolving at a very fast pace. The ideas we’ve dreamt of yes­ter­day are now the fea­tures of the smart devices we’re using at the moment. 

Like every tech and frame­work, React Nat­ive com­munity keeps upgrad­ing React Nat­ive to make your applic­a­tions com­pat­ible with device’s fea­tures. Launch of every new ver­sion of React nat­ive gives developers access to more APIs, developer tools, and fea­tures to make applic­a­tions more inter­act­ive and user-friendly. 

We know upgrad­ing is tedi­ous task but its not some­thing you can delay for longer than few months. With each upgrade there comes the patch for bugs you’ve detec­ted earli­er and some new fea­tures. It’s a nev­er end­ing cycle. In this blog you will learn to upgrade React nat­ive ver­sion in exist­ing pro­ject. Fur­ther, we will share some tips to remem­ber while debug­ging for your RN app.

How To Upgrade React Nat­ive Ver­sion In Exist­ing Project?

You can fol­low one of the two ways to upgrade your react nat­ive project: 

1. Using React Nat­ive CLI

2. Using React Nat­ive upgrade tool 

Now, each of the above-men­tioned approaches has its own pros and cons. 

Upgrad­ing with React Nat­ive CLI is a one-step oper­a­tion and takes less­er time. But, it doesn’t reveal the com­pat­ib­il­ity of depend­en­cies the new­er ver­sion sup­port. On the oth­er hand, React Nat­ive upgrade help­er shows the updates made in each of the files in the upgrade pack­age. Though it involves upgrad­ing manu­ally, which is a bit time tak­ing, it ensures great­er accuracy. 

Shar­ing a few tips before you get started

  • Do check release notes for the ver­sion you are upgrad­ing to. Make a men­tal note of depend­en­cies you believe will be affected by this upgrade. 
  • Go through the changelog while debug­ging to take second look at changes made. 
  • Check­ing repo of issues repor­ted by oth­er developer while upgrad­ing can be a lot help­ful in fix­ing errors in the mean­time rather start­ing the research from scratch. 
  • While doing major upgradess don’t make a dir­ect jump to latest ver­sion. Going step-by-step can help you track pro­gress and com­pat­ib­il­ity of depend­en­cies much easily. 
  • Make time estim­a­tion and set tent­at­ive timelines to ensure every­one in the team is aligned. 
  • While using React Nat­ive ver­sion upgrade help­er make sure it’s updated per the latest ver­sion to min­im­ize hassles. 

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What is React Nat­ive Upgrade Helper? 

React Nat­ive Upgrade Help­er is a web tool that assists in upgrad­ing your apps to the latest ver­sion by giv­ing a detailed view of updates made in two ver­sions. You can view the com­ments and changes made in each of the files in the pack­age to get under­stand­ing of depend­en­cies and resolve the con­flicts hand-in-hand. 

How to upgrade react nat­ive to latest version? 

Fol­low below steps to upgrade your exist­ing react nat­ive pro­jects to the latest ver­sion using React Nat­ive Upgrade Helper.

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1. Go to React Nat­ive Upgrade Help­er on RN com­munity. You will see an inter­face like this.

Go to React Native Upgrade Helper

2. Choose the version: 

Type name of your app. Men­tion the cur­rent ver­sion of your React Nat­ive app and the latest ver­sion you would like to upgrade your app to. You will find latest ver­sion set there by default. Now, click on Show me how to upgrade!” From here you can see the modi­fic­a­tions made in each of the pack­age files.

Choose the version


3. Upgrade depend­en­cies:

Now, one by one you can check for the depend­en­cies and see their impact on oth­er func­tion­al­it­ies before upgrad­ing them to the latest ver­sion. Install JS and nat­ive depend­en­cies. Let’s say, react-nat­ive and react have changes, you can install them run­ning yarn add com­mand. Don’t for­get to men­tion to ver­sion you are upgrad­ing to. 

# {{VERSION}} and {{REACT_VERSION}} are the release versions showing in the diff
yarn add react-native@{{VERSION}}
yarn add react@{{REACT_VERSION}}

4. Upgrade your pro­ject files: 

There can be sev­er­al files in the pack­age impacted by ver­sion upgrade, you can check each of those and update manu­ally by copy­ing and past­ing the code. 

5. Build & debug: 

Once done you can rebuild your pro­ject and per­form debug­ging to check errors com­ing in the mean­time. Take build in debug mode and check in sta­ging envir­on­ment before push­ing the build in the release mode. You can deploy sta­ging on your private store to ensure it doesn’t impact oper­a­tions when made live.

Is Your React Nat­ive Upgrade Tool Up-To-Date? 

Upgrade help­er relies on rn-diff-purge to fetch and show dif­fer­ences among two ver­sions. While upgrad­ing your React Nat­ive app with React Nat­ive upgrade help­er make sure RN upgrade help­er is updated to upgrade. Though, it’s already upgraded, you can check that and update the upgrader if required. 

Fol­low below instruc­tions per your cur­rent ver­sion to update RN upgrade helper:

For ver­sion >= 0.68 

Circ­leCI job pushes release link to trig­ger Git­Hub action. 

For ver­sion < 0.69

You can trig­ger Git­Hub action via CURL run­ning below commands.

# Update the "version" with your version and provide your PAT
curl -X POST -H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json" \ \
   -d '{"event_type":"publish", "client_payload": {"version": "0.67.0"}}' \
   -H "authorization: Bearer &lt;PAT&gt;"

Wrap­ping Up

Thanks for being with us till now! Hope this have helped you under­stand react nat­ive devel­op­ment tool. 

Are you look­ing for pro­fes­sion­al assist­ance to upgrade your exist­ing pro­ject? If so, RNDC will be delighted to help you. RNDC is React Nat­ive app devel­op­ment com­pany with expert­ise in the React Nat­ive tech. You can share your con­cerns and pro­ject details with us here. We will def­in­itely respond you with­in 23 busi­ness days. also, read more What are the bene­fits of hir­ing a React Nat­ive App developer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is it important to upgrade RN app to the latest version?

Each upgrade of the tech/framework brings patch for previously reported bugs, additional features, and introduce elements to help developers make apps more interactive. To meet compatibility requirements with latest tech, upgrading is necessary regardless of the framework you are using.

2. How React native upgrade helper is different from CLI?

React native upgrade helper is a web tool that displays differences in the code of each of the files in the package, it needs manual alterations from developers. And, CLI upgrading needs developers to run a command to upgrade RN app to latest version. However, it doesn’t show the reasons behind run-time errors.

3. Is react native upgrade helper an app?

No, it is a web tool and not available as an app for download. 

4. How long will react - native upgrade takes?

For any major upgrade, RN upgrade may 3-4 business days and for upgrades when the architecture change takes places, the tentative timeline can go upto a week.

5. Can you help us upgrade our existing react native app?

RNDC stands out in the UK as a React Native app development company. From app development from scratch to maintenance, upgrading, adding new features, redesigning; we do everything that can make your cross-platforms apps interactive. You can share your project requirements with us on contact page.

6. How does React Native Updater work?

React Native Updater typically integrates with your existing React Native project. It analyzes the project's dependencies, checks for available updates, and provides a list of changes required for the update. It may also assist in automatically applying necessary modifications, resolving conflicts, and offering guidance on handling breaking changes. React Native Updater aims to simplify the update process by automating repetitive tasks and providing clear instructions.

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