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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes your company reliable for RN app development?

As a leading React native mobile and web application development company, we house a strong team of developers with deep experience in RN, cross-platform architectures and emerging trends.

How long does it typically take to develop an RN app?

Timelines depend on multiple factors like your timing to hire react developer, features, integrations, team size etc. However, we follow agile methodology to meticulously plan, design and build Minimum Viable Products within 4-6 weeks.

What is your development process?

When you hire React developer in our team, you experience the rigorous process including requirement gathering, UI/UX design, prototype development, coding as per standards, integration testing, security auditing and post-release support.

How can I estimate the cost of an RN app project?

Our web application development experts analyze your business needs, technical specifications, target timelines along other factors to first understand the scope accurately. Post this, we provide customised quotes without any obligations.

What platforms do you support for deploying RN apps?

Being a full-stack mobile app development company, we deploy apps on both major platforms - Android using Google Play Store and iOS via Apple App Store.